Denver Dominatrix

Mistress Nicci has been a real- time professional Denver Dominatrix for the past 8 years, a cam dom for the past 10 years and has been dabbling in BDSM for 17 years. 

I am currently a student in Psychology at CU Denver working towards a higher degree in Human Sexuality. I am a Sex Coach as well as holding certifications in first aid, blood borne pathogens, CPR and AED. 

When I am not playing in the dungeon I love going to see films, some of my favorites being The Holy Mountain, Flash Gordon Lost Highway, and anything horror. I also enjoy relaxing with a good book  preferably by one of my favorite authors; Stephen King, Hermann Hesse, Richard Dawkins, and Jared Diamond. 

In my free time between being a femdom Goddess and a full time student, I enjoy video games such as WoW, Hellblade, Final Fantasy, and Magic. I consider myself a trekkie and often cosplay for videos and public events. 

I was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Colorado 11 years ago to attend CU Boulder for Anthropology. I have always been a sexual being and have been doing kinky activities since I was a teenager. 


I consider myself a sensual and creative femdom who loves having a good time and thinking of different ways to entertain myself with respectful subs. It comes naturally to Me and I practice it in the dungeon and at home.