Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I film videos and clips with you?


A: yes, you can! I take slaves for clip and video filming for my clip store. If you'd like to film videos I have you book a session with me. During ouR session we will film 2-5 clips depending on the length of time. My session rates for clip filming are the same as stated on my sessions page. You will get a free copy of the clips for your personal collection. All clips are filmed in HD with a tripod (so it will just be you and me).I would NOT suggest this as an option for first time clients or newbies as it is not the same as a session.

Q: Can I wear a mask during clip filming?

A: yES. I prefer to see your face but it is not required. 

Q: How do i pay the deposit?

A: I prefer the deposit to be sent via amazon gift card to or using one of the methods under the tribute section.

Q. How do I pay for a session donation?

A: I only accept cash, please do not send your session fee via online methods.


Q: do you take first time slaves?


A: Absolutely. I love playing with newbie slaves. I find it to be fun to explore your interests together in a safe space with open communication where I will find your boundaries and explore them.


Q: Does it matter what I look like?


A: No, I do not discriminate on race, gender, orientation, religion, body size, or age (as long as you are 18+) I have played with slaves from all walks of life. 

Q: I see sexual clips on your website, do you offer this in sessioN?

A: No, all clips you see are filmed with my real-life partner. I do not engage in sex with clients in real-time sessions EVER. do not ask.


Q: Do you do strap on?


A: That is considered an illegal service in colorado and I do not discuss illegal services. If you would like to tell me more about your strap on fantasies you can call me on NiteFLirt.

Q: is my session deposit refundable?

A: No, the deposit is not refundable. It may go towards rescheduling one time. 

Q:Will my private information be safe?

A: Absolutely, privacy is one of the most important aspects to creating a fun play space. Your personal information will never be shared (unless you so desire). 

Q: Do you do double dom?

A: Absolutely, I have a few local ladies that I can do double dom with. just inquire in your session request. 

All content is for those 18+ and involves consenting adults

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