• Mistress Nicci

All Wrapped Up

Sensory deprivation is something that has grown in popularity since Joe Rogan and his sensory deprivation tanks have made being taken out of the physical senses of the world in to the main stream. Sensory dep in BDSM isn't much different. Ultimately in BDSM letting go of control is one of the main events for a sub. Being bound, being so helpless you can't even hear or see... the Dominant has full control.

She can just allow you to sit there, wrapped up in plastic, tangled in rope, unable to escape. Earplugs, with a hood placed over your head so you truly become an object. You can't feel the air in the room, you can't hear your Mistress' foot steps. You can't see Her. Her shadow. Anything. It's dark. Your skin might be crawling in anticipation. Maybe you'll slowly let go of control, in each passing minute of silence and stillness. Just enough time passes, you start to get comfortable. Starting to let go of the need to be aware of everything, the need to have control. To embrace powerlessness, The very animal nature has been stripped away with your senses. At first alarming, now relaxing. You sink in to it. Who knows how much time has passed.

Suddenly, you feel some one next to you. Her sharp fingernails slowly running down the plastic that is hugging your body. They dig in, tearing it open. "Time to wake up...."

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