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Co-Vid 19 Protocols

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Protocol Last Updated: October 27, 2020

Denver is currently under a LEVEL RED order. In order to avoid the dungeon become a hot spot I am increasing my precautions while LEVEL RED is in effect. As we know they are working on doing contact tracing, this could compromise the privacy and future of the dungeon so we need to work together to keep the space safe.

While I am not someone who is at risk, there are many of people close to me who are, including some of my clients and their families. As a result I take COVID very seriously. My session availability and safety protocols will be posted here as the situation changes.

Mistress wears a mask. For our mutual safety Mistress will be wearing a mask and nitrile gloves for every session booked. Maybe you will be conditioned to find masks erotic after our meeting or develop a new glove fetish.

Deposit rules have changed. The 30 day rebooking policy is currently suspended under certain circumstances. As long as sessions are cancelled within 48 hours your deposit can be carried for rebooking at any time.

Monitor your symptoms. While many people who have COVID are asymptomatic, I require that you do not book with me if you have been experiencing any COVID symptoms, even if you think it is allergies or the flu.

Hygiene is mandatory. As always I expect you to be as clean as possible prior to coming in to the dungeon. It is my preference that you come freshly showered and not directly from the airport, workplace or public place. If necessary I have a shower that you can use when you arrive.

Outcall sessions cancelled. Mistress will NOT be offering outcall sessions during the pandemic.

If you have already booked and you are experiencing symptoms or have been possibly exposed to anyone or place with COVID reach out as soon as possible to reschedule.

What to expect when you arrive: When you arrive please wear a mask when entering the dungeon, the State of Colorado currently requires masks to be worn in all spaces even outdoors. Upon entering I will take your temperature with a forehead thermometer. I will then as you to remove your shoes and sanitize your hands.

If you show up with any temperature above 99 degrees or show symptoms of COVID you will be escorted out without a refund. I will consider it to be a deliberate disregard of my health, safety and space.

How is the space being cleaned? Mistress has always valued a clean and sanitary space so not much has changed since COVID in the way of sanitization. Mistress and her renters are taking all necessary precautions to keep the dungeon a clean and safe space. I am taking limited bookings to allow for time in between clients to clean even more thoroughly. I have hepa air filtration systems in place in every room, I have and will continue to clean all surfaces with medical grade cleaner such as Cavicide or Opticide. All toys that can be cleaned with UV light are placed in and autoclave. All fabric surfaces such as rugs, furniture and curtains are steam cleaned. A disinfectant fogger will be used nightly to sanitize all surfaces and the surrounding air.

I appreciate all of my gracious subbies, slaves and kinksters for the support during this time and working together to keeping the dungeon open.

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