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Experiences of My Cuck

I was still in subspace when I opened my car door; coming down from an intense, humiliating and ultimately sexually frustrating experience.  Mistress Nicci had been gracious tonight, she allowed me to come to her house, dress as a sissy maid and make dinner for her and her lover, a man that I now call Master Nick.  Toward the end of the evening she degraded me by fucking him while I slaved away in the kitchen. 

I had never been this deep in subspace before and my mind was still spinning from the experience.  Not wanting the moment to end, I went to Mistress Nicci's Twitter account so that I could at least see her picture to make the moment last just a bit longer.  I was blown away by her most recent tweets:

"Fucking my boyfriend in front of my cuck?  Nothing could be hotter.  "

Scrolling down I saw the exchanges between her and her followers:

Someone asked, "Do you do it to see the look on his face?"

Her response was a punch in the gut and drove home my lowly position in her world, "I didn't even look.  The cuck may as well have been invisible."

My service to Mistress Nicci had ended almost 30 minutes ago.  She had allowed me time to shower and put on my street clothes but I was still reeling in subspace, desperate to service her and Master Nick.  Reading these tweets only reinforced that feeling.  I felt lower than low and I knew my place as a desperate, horny, degraded, sissy, cuckold, bitch.  As if on queue, I received a text, "slave, you will write a story about tonight for my website.  You are not allowed to touch yourself until our next session."

My breathing quickened, at least I had some use to Mistress Nicci!  Even if it was simply documenting my humiliation for the world, I had some use as her slave.

And so, here we are.  On the night that she cuckolded me, Mistress Nicci had 7694 followers on twitter.  That number has now grown to almost 8100.  She has shared tidbits of that evening with her Twitter followers.  By her command, I am about to tell all of you what it is like to be completely dominated and degraded by Denver's arch dominatrix: Mistress Nicci Venom.

My service to Mistress Nicci began months ago when I reached out to schedule a session.  As it turns out, we have a number of things in common.  We both believe that she is superior to me, we both enjoy sissification, humiliation, pegging and corporal punishment.  After a number of sessions, our conversations turned to cuckolding.  I have been cuckolded before but it has been years.  Mistress Nicci loves the subject as she finds it hot and it gives her the ability to really push her subs to endure degradation for her amusement.  She ordered me to arrive at her house the following week to prepare dinner for her and her partner, Master Nick.

The week between her ordering me to serve her and the actual event seemed to go on forever.  I built a menu for her and Master Nick, making sure to take into account what they like to eat (they enjoy a healthy diet as you can see from her pictures), she drinks Pinot Noir and he drinks bourbon.  I did all of my shopping the morning of their date so that everything was fresh and then tried to work that day.  I'm sure that I was unproductive.  I knew that I would be serving Mistress Nicci and Master Nick.  I knew that I would be making dinner for them.  Beyond that, I did not know what to expect.  Would it simply be the humiliation of Mistress Nicci and her "real man" seeing me dressed as a sissy maid?  Would they both dominate and punish me?  Would she cuckold me?  What would that entail?  Needless to say, all I could think about that day was the opportunity to serve Mistress Nicci.  I knew that I would submit to whatever pain and humiliation she felt was appropriate. 

When I arrived, Mistress Nicci welcomed me and made me kiss her feet in front of Master Nick.  Both mistress and master were in casual "street clothes" and she was quite domineering in her attitude toward me.  She made it clear at the outset that I was there to serve them.  This was not about me, it was about them.  This dynamic remained in place and only grew stronger throughout the evening.  

Then she led me to her kitchen so I could put the food in the fridge and then to her office.  She took the time to dress me in a very tiny sissy maid dress that left nothing to the imagination.  She also put me in a wig and applied my make-up.  She then ordered me to the kitchen to prepare drinks and an appetizer for her and master.  I poured them both drinks and quickly delivered them so that they could cuddle together on the couch and watch TV.  As I prepared the appetizer tray, Mistress Nicci called out, "slave!  Refresh our drinks!"  She did not use my name.  To her, I was nothing more than chattel that existed to serve my superiors.  I found the whole experience extremely hot!  I refreshed their drinks, curtsied and asked if they needed anything else.  With a wave of her hand, she dismissed me.  

I served the appetizers and began to work on dinner.  Mistress was gracious enough to show me where her grill is (outside where the neighbors can see) and informed me that I would be cooking outside dressed as a sissy.  At her words, my sissy clit swelled under my uniform.  I spent the next hour preparing dinner.  The only breaks that I took were to refresh their drinks, light a J for them and set out a few more appetizers.  I enjoyed the tremendous thrill of cooking outside dressed as her maid and, in what seemed like no time, dinner was ready.  Once everything was plated and served, I lit candles at the dining room table and announced that dinner was ready.  Mistress and master sat down and I made sure that everything was to their liking.  Then she sent me to the kitchen with the following comment, "that will be all for now slave.  Clean the kitchen."  Again, she did not use my name.  I was simply "slave", one of many desperate submissive men who desired to serve her/them.  She knew, he knew it and they made sure that I knew it too.

Once the kitchen was clean, I came back into the dining room to refill water and cocktails and then Mistress Nicci said, "do you see the carpet in the middle of the kitchen slave?  Go and kneel on that and we will call you if we need anything.  I knelt, perhaps 20 feet away from them and listened to them have a romantic dinner.  They talked about some of the things that vanilla people talk about and some of the things that kinksters talk about.  At no point in time was I included, I was simply "slave", to be used when needed.

After they finished dinner, Mistress and Master went back to the family room to watch TV.  Mistress ordered, "slave, clean the table and the dishes.  When you are done, report to me."  I curtsied and said, "yes Mistress", and went about my job.  I worked efficiently as I desperately wanted to "report" to her.  My mind wandered, would I be cuckolded?  Would the two of them decide that it was time to torture me?  Again, I had no idea, I was simply along for the ride.

Double checking my work to ensure that the kitchen and dining room were clean, I entered the family room, curtsied and said, "everything is clean Mistress.  How may I serve you?"  She kissed Master Nick and then got up, "follow me", she commanded.  I followed her as quickly as the high heels that I was wearing would allow.  She took me to the utility closet. She ordered me to fetch a large bucket and some bleach.  "Slave, the grout on my kitchen counters needs to be cleaned.  You will fill this bucket and hand scrub every surface.  Do you understand?"  I curtsied, said, "yes Mistress" and retrieved the bucket to set to work.  While I labored away in the kitchen, I could hear them talking and laughing.  I desperately wanted to be kneeling there, prepared to serve them.  I was desperately horny and turned on.  It didn't matter.  What mattered is that Mistress Nicci had ordered me to scrub the grout and that is what I was doing.  

After about 20 minutes of this work, I realized that I could no longer hear them talking.  I looked into the family room and Mistress Nicci was between Master Nick's legs sucking his cock!  All of my lust returned with a vengeance.  I wanted to be a part of this hot scene.  However, it was not to be.  Denied the opportunity to participate (oh, I wanted to be a fluffier so badly) I continued the mundane task of scrubbing the grout in the countertops.  I could, however, see them and I periodically snuck glances at them.  She was now riding him cowboy style.  I could see Master Nick's huge cock penetrating her divine pussy.  I saw his hands all over her and I saw her riding him.  It wasn't long before I heard Mistress Nicci have her first orgasm of the night.  I simply kept working.  I knew that if she wanted me in there, she would order me in there.  Once all of the grout was scrubbed and I had returned the bleach and the bucket to the utility closet, I knelt in the middle of the same rug and watched Mistress Nicci and Master Nick fuck.  Eventually, I saw and heard them both cum.  They lat still for a period of time and she whispered in his ear.  Then I saw Master Nick get up and leave the room, soon I heard the shower going.  Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Mistress Nicci said, "slave, fetch me a towel."  I hastened to obey her orders and delivered it to her.  She is beautiful and I tried hard not to gawk at her naked, sweaty, sexy body as she lay on the couch.  She wiped herself down and handed me the towel to take to the dirty laundry.  When I returned and curtsied she informed me that it was time for me to leave.  I was to shower, but I was not to play with myself or cum in the shower.

I was so deeply in subspace I kept repeating, "yes, Mistress Nicci, thank you for letting me be your cuckold sissy Mistress Nicci."  She led me to the guest bathroom and I showered.  I wanted to cum so badly, but I kept my hands off my sissy clit.

After I was dressed, Mistress Nicci allowed me to kiss her feet and thank her for an amazing evening before dismissing me.

And that, dear reader, brings us full circle.  I am writing this true account of my opportunity to submit to Mistress Nicci and Master Nick for all of you to enjoy.  Although it humiliates me to write this for public display, I must admit that my sissy clit is rock hard at the memory of that amazing evening!  Shortly after that amazing session, Mistress Nicci announced on Twitter that she would offer real life cuckolding sessions for clients.  If you truly enjoy the thought of existing solely for the service and use of a dominant couple and you are a fan of humiliation and degradation, I encourage you to reach out to her in a respectful manner to request a session.

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