• Mistress Nicci

Exploring as a Couple

Are you in a couple? Does one or both of you find interest in BDSM or other fetishes? Exploring kinks together can be a great way to expand intimacy.

There are a wide variety of reasons why I see couples for sessions, whether they are both subs, one just wants to observe or learn how to dom, seeing a Professional Dominatrix can help you learn how to practice safely and effectively. Learn about power exchange, how to use implements, what to say, how to work together to create a stronger dynamic, and more..

If you want to be consulted..

Curious about BDSM but unsure where to start or what you are doing? I offer consultations where we can meet in public and you can ask me questions about BDSM, my services, kink in relationships and any of the elusive questions you and your partner might have about BDSM.

If you are both subs..

Some times couples find their dynamics at odds when both of them are submissive, it can be difficult to have to play the role of Dom to each other. One option can be to see me! I love domming couples together. Exploring sensations together and serving the same Mistress can be exhilarating and deeply intimate.

If you are wanting to watch..

In some of the dynamics I cater to one partner is wanting to experience being a submissive while their partner merely observes. Whether you are in to being a voyeur, unsure if you want to participate in BDSM with your partner or just want to treat your sub to an experience as a treat.. this option may be for you.

If you are wanting to learn how to dom..

Doming your partner can be difficult to slip in to. Some of the nuances are not easily portrayed in personal research. Sometimes it can be very helpful to observe and interact with a professional in an education style session so you can learn how to be a better dom to your submissive or switch partner.

I see married couples, poly couples, LGBT couples, and cater to people of every dynamic of love. Sessions can range from sensual to strictly educational depending on your intentions.

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