• Mistress Nicci

Hot Date From Hell

Mistress Nicci was out with her girlfriends Miss Isobel Devi and Goddess Fina at the bar, they are hoping to find some prey tonight as they have grown bored with their other slaves. Just as the dark bar starts to get crowded some guy comes up to them and starts hitting on them, he offers to buy each girl a drink. Goddess Fina rests her chunky heeled boot on the bar stool, "You're cute, what do you have to offer big boy?" He has no idea what he is in for, as far as he knows we are just normal girls out for a night. He is feeling cocky and boasts that he could handle all three of us. They entertain him and let him buy some drinks while flirting and teasing him about how he could never handle three women at once. Mistress Nicci rubs her cowgirl boot on his leg, "Why don't we take this party back to my place?" The smile on his face grows, he gets to go home with three of the hottest women in Denver.

Get back to Mistress Nicci's place and they enter in to the dark entry way, the door closes behind him and before he knows it he has a hood over his head and is being physically carried back to the back of the place by three abnormally strong women. "You thought you would get to fuck all three of us tonight didn't you?" Goddess Fina taunts him. He can feel the cuffs being latched on to his wrists and ankles. He wants to scream but something has been shoved in to his mouth, and whatever it is.. it's stinky. Mistress Nicci and Miss Isobel Devi tie his arms and lets apart. He is totally helpless. "Well, you thought wrong.. instead we are going to turn you in to our foot bitch." She rips off his hood and reveals that he is tied down on the floor, three women standing above him. "I wonder how many dirty socks he can fit in his mouth.." Mistress Nicci wonders.

Before they find out.. they need to wipe off their dirty shoes after being in that nasty bar. Good thing they tied him down so that he can be easily used. "I needed a new door mat" Mistress Nicci says as when steps he cowgirl boot heel right on to his chest. "My feet have been in these boots all day and they reek!" Goddess Fina exclaims. "Let's have him clean our shoes and then he can get to our sweaty, stinky feet." The girls take turns stepping on him, he grunts but can't make much noise since his mouth is stuffed with.. a dirty sock. Mistress Nicci unbuttons his pants, "I wonder what this guy is packing, I think he.. is.. hard?" She pulls down his jeans exposing his boxer briefs. "EW! He is hard. It's almost like he likes being stepping on by women." Princess Devi scoffs. You can tell, while not very impressive, that he is aroused. Mistress Nicci rips down his boxer briefs exposing his hard cock, dripping with pre-cum. "Well, it's just as I suspected." Mistress Nicci looks to the other girls, "He likes being a door mat".

Goddess Fina, looking amused, steps her high heeled boot right on his cock. "I wonder how much he will enjoy licking his gross pre-cum off my shoe." He starts to struggle, hoping they don't make him clean the bottom of their shoes. Miss Isobel Devi stands over his face, crouching down she puts her hand over his nose and mouth. "If you make a noise, it's over for you. Do you understand?" He nods, eyes wide, scared. She removes the stinky sock from his mouth. "Stick your tongue out" She demands of him. He complies. A hard, gritty, sole of a dirty cowgirl boot scrapes across his tongue. Mistress Nicci is standing over him and Goddess Fina holds his head in place. "Stay still, you need to get her shoe cleaned" Goddess Fina tells him. The dirty cowgirl boot running across his tongue.. he can taste the minerals and sludge fro

One by one the girls make him clean the bottom of their shoes. Once they are satisfied with the job he has done it's time to move on to the next order of business. "Now we find out how many stinky socks he can fit in his mouth" Goddess Fina giggles, standing above him as she peels off her boot. He can smell the vinegary sweat as she shoves her foot right on to his face, stepping on it. Smashing his nose between her stinky toed socks. The smell is so strong he can almost taste it. He starts to struggle. Mistress Nicci and Miss Isobel Devi hold him in place. "Where do you think you're going?" They mock him. They each take hurts smothering his face with their sock, forcing him to breathe in deep. He is struggling to breathe, the only air he can get is filled with the stench of dirty socks. They peel off their socks and start stuffing them in to his open mouth. "He has a big mouth, I bet he can fit one of each sock." He can hardly swallow but they managed to do it, to fit each stinky sock in his mouth. The smell and taste mixed together in his mouth.

"I am so glad to have gotten those shoes and socks off, my feet were getting to sweaty" Miss Isobel Devi says as she spreads her toes apart above his face, bringing her foot down on to his gagged mouth, nose landing right between her wet toes. He can smell the pungent sweat from between her toes taking over his nose. The wetness on his face as Mistress Nicci and Goddess Fina each add their foot to his face. Smothering him with sweaty feet, they can't help but notice that his cock is still hard.. and dripping. Mistress Nicci grabs her other sock and puts it over his cock like a condom. "If he likes stinky socks so much maybe he should have to cum with one, he did think he was going to be getting lucky tonight..."

The girls kept him captive all night, taunting and teasing him with their sweaty feet. Turning him in to their sweaty foot bitch one stinky sock at a time. He got lucky alright.. but not in the way he expected.

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