• Mistress Nicci

Netflix: How To Build A Sex Room

For over a year I have been keeping a secret.. and now it has finally arrived! Catch me and my dungeon on NETFLIX's new show How To Build A Sex Room which features couples, businesses' and local experts from all over Denver as we help guide couples in exploring their sexuality and developing intimacy in new ways.

" You’ve seen kitchen renovations, bathroom transformations and living room redos, but you’ve likely never seen a home project quite like this. In the upcoming series How to Build a Sex Room, luxury interior designer Melanie Rose helps create stylish spaces for lovers to carry out their most private — and, in some cases, wildest — fantasies. After learning more about their kinks and interests, Rose will work her magic, resulting in climactic reveals of the sex rooms of their dreams. Curious about what to expect? Here’s a little tease. "

Mistress Nicci guides two couples in exploration teaching them about role play, dominance and how kink can be a fun and exciting way to spice up the bedroom. From using ergonomic furniture to doling out spankings Miss Nicci shows couples the best positions to enjoy pleasure. While not everything goes as planned these couples learn valuable lessons about themselves and each other.

Catch Mistress Nicci on How To Build A Sex Room.. Now LIVE on NETFLIX.

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