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So You're a Newbie

I get a lot of new slaves wanting to know exactly how to be a good new sub/slave and I love the enthusiasm. The most important factors for being a slave is:

  1. Listening

  2. Taking Initiative

  3. Communication

  4. Boundaries

  5. Expectations

Being a good listener comes in to play so often in BDSM as communication is key. Reading your Mistress' website and knowing all the information she provides prior to contacting her is a great first step in being a good new slave. Since you are already reading this blog you are doing a great job. Mistress puts things on her website to educate you so she does not have to repeat herself, being knowledgeable of her site and social media posts are a good way to keep track of what Mistress wants from you and what is going on for Mistress. Practice paying attention to Mistress and her wishes, this will be helpful in you future to becoming a great sub.

Taking the initiative to educate yourself on Mistress via onlyfans, clips, social media, blog, etc always lends towards a good first impression. Do you find yourself wondering more about your kinks and what you want to experience during your session? Do some research on it! There are tons of resources on how to be a better slave, general education about BDSM and many videos on the internet involving all sorts of different kinks.

You might wonder what is acceptable in the way of communication, first contact should always be via the contact form on this website. After that Mistress will communicate with you via email for booking purposes. Have other things you would like to discuss or wanting to do a little play with Mistress prior to sessioning? Texting Mistress via Sextpanther or Onlyfans is a great way to interact, you can find these links and more on my online portion of this website. One thing Mistress does not find acceptable is excessive emailing, here is a great place to work on your communication and thoughtfulness skills by being mindful when communicating with Mistress.

While it may be very exciting to think out every possible scenario for a first time session, communicating your interests and expectations is the most important element for having a good session. Whether you know what you want or you only have an idea, letting Mistress know can help her create a better first time session for you.

Mistress expects you to prepare for a session by following the advice of this blog and to practice good self hygiene following up to the session as she expects you to be clean and well groomed, arriving on time, no earlier, no later as if you are arriving for a very important date with the hottest woman you know, because you are. Eating a light snack and staying hydrated and important for staying in a healthy space during your session. Being nervous is to be expected, prior to the session Mistress will sit down with you and go over house rules as well as expectations for the session.

House Rules:

  1. Arrive on time, do not loiter in the parking lot.

  2. No touching Mistress without permission

  3. No touching yourself without permission

  4. Address Mistress with "Yes, Mistress" and "No, Mistress"

  5. Safeword is the universal of "Red" this stops everything we are doing so we can take a break or end the scene.

  6. Speak up if you experience unintentional pain, health issues, numb limbs, or light headedness.

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