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Visiting Kansas City

Kansas City Dominatrix, Denver Dominatrix, Mistress Nicci stands by a window wearing a body suit and black harness.
Denver Dominatrix Mistress Nicci Kansas City Dominatrix stands by a window

Mistress Nicci visits her hometown Kansas City every few months, lately she has been taking on sessions as a part of her frequent visits.

Getting to know Kansas City subbies and wrestling partners has been a very fun experience this year. I have been enjoying it so much I plan to make more frequent trips to Kansas City in hopes to have a regular client base. It has been a treat to meet so many experienced subbies as well as people trying out something new. I am excited to see who has been hiding in My hometown and is waiting for a superior Goddess to play with. You can see some of the slaves I got to play with on My last trip in my clip store. I enjoyed electro play, sounding, chastity and smothering. I even had a generous slave gift me a beautiful smother box.

Mistress Nicci, Denver Dominatrix, is sitting on top of a smothering box looking back over her shoulder.
Mistress Nicci Denver Dominatrix Smother Box

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