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Want to be a video star?

Updated: Mar 31

As some of you may have noticed I offer video filming as a session option, but what does that entail? Whether you are an exhibitionist or want to be useful to Mistress clip filming can be an exhilarating experience.

Clips are short movies catered to different elements of BDSM, you can see examples on my clip site at IWANTNICCI.COM.

During a filming session you can expect lots of starting and stopping. Clips are typically 7-15 minutes long involving several angles. As I am the dom, the director and the camera person this means we have to stop to move the camera and lighting whenever we switch to a different angle. This results in a dynamic exciting clip that is fun to watch.

What is required for filming? I require a signed model release which requires your address, REAL name and signature. I also require a photo of your ID. This is to protect me and my content legally. Clip sites have been cracking down on wanting documentation that everyone in the video is at least 18 years of age so accurate paperwork and copies of your ID are non-negotiable. When we are finished filming it usually takes me 1-2 months to edit our videos, I will then send you free copies! What a perk!

Naturally what we do in the clip all pivots around your kinks and interests. You are allowed to wear a mask to protect your identity if that is a concern. I do require that if you apply you are capable of handling your interests. Nobody want's to watch a strap on video with someone who can't take one! Some interests that I am looking for when it comes to clip filming:

- strap on

-ball busting




-role play

While I do film clips with other interests in mind these are my top sellers!

How do you apply?

You can apply on my contact page after reading my session information where you will find the rates and additional Q/A.

I do NOT allow newbies to film clips, you must be experienced in your interests to be useful for clips. It is not a session experience, it is a video filming experience so keep that in mind when applying.

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