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What is a session?

Updated: Jul 29

As BDSM becomes more ingrained in pop culture there are many people who are becoming more and more curious about how they can facilitate their desires and ideas in the realm of BDSM. Some people aren't even sure what any of it means or what they would like about it. Something just draws us to it. There are many ways of exploring BDSM and that is why I offer many options on how to accomplish that. The most popular type of exploration is the immersive experience of a "session".

Welcome to the dungeon, this is where fantasy play takes place. Prior to meeting we negotiate your interests and ideas about what you want to experience, whether that is very specific or as general as "I am new to this, let's do a sample platter." And see where the experience takes us. You arrive on time, I answer the door normally, wearing a robe. We sit down and go over important things like limits, safe words, communication, etc. After we have a short talk, the play begins. You are expected to be in a position of submissive, slave, or bottom. I do not accept Doms for sessions unless you are bringing a slave with you for training. Have a fetish but don't feel subbie? I also facilitate kinks and fetishes of all kinds. Switches welcome. I walk to the back room and instruct you to be on your knees when I return.. in a state of undress. I enjoy "clothed female/ naked male (or sub)" style play as an enhancement to our power dynamic. After a few minutes you hear my heels clicking on the concrete floor. Wearing latex, leather or lingerie I enter the room (some times yoga pants, outfit suggestions are allowed). I am holding a collar in my hand... I walk behind you, your eyes are down. I place the collar around your neck, leaving room for you to breathe. I bend down, my hair brushes your shoulder and I whisper "for the next few hours, you are mine." I run my nails down your spine. Clipping a leash to the collar. Follow me.. and we walk back in to the dungeon. Sessions are about creating and working within a "scene", and in these scenes your interests will be explored. Whether that's transforming you in to a little sissy and exploring gender boundaries to heavy humiliation or sensual touch paired with power control. Scenes are essentially like a play between two people, you and me.. hence, a power exchange. They can be as complex or as simple as needed in the moment. Just love feet or sweat? That's cool too! There is plenty that can be done, the point is that you get to let go and live in a fantasy world we create for however long you book. Our experience together is fully immersive, you are living our a fantasy you can only find in the naughtiest of places. Experience what gets you aroused, excited.. skin on pins and needles.

I provide a wide variety of space. From a therapeutic stand point we can work on self acceptance and embracing your identity with someone else as a participant. Sometimes kink and fetish can be isolating, playing with someone else is transformative and enlightening. Engaging in BDSM with a professional is self-care. It can also be a wildly exhilarating close contact "sport", an intense intimacy and vulnerability is shared in the dungeon and it can be HOT. Wonder no long how it feels to be subject to the whims of my twisted desire. Many people find sessions to be very relaxing, even if there is some pain involved. Tired of having to be in control all of the time, wanting to let go, or just experience something with mindfulness? Try a session, the possibilities are endless...

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