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What is Financial Domination?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Financial domination is about investment in Me. Do you find yourself looking for a purpose, or a smart place to put your money? There is no better way to serve your dominant than to invest in her future, her college education, and her dungeon. Financial domination is a relationship involving two major taboos, sex and money. While there are many types of financial domination out there my particular interest is in ethical domination from a more nurturing perspective.

I love the feeling of you giving up the most powerful element of power that you have, money. Challenge your masculinity by giving your money to women. Whether it is contributing to my portfolio, paying for student loans, adding to my crypto collection or taking on some of my bills. Consider yourself a benefactor in my life of female empowerment. Or do you find yourself looking to spoil a hard working superior woman? You can find pleasure in booking me a massage, paying for my beauty services, purchasing me expensive accessories, and taking me shopping for anything I desire.

Financial domination has many different definitions and methods.

I play responsibly by following PRICK, personal responsibility in kink. If I am concerned you are spending beyond your means we will set a boundary. I require honesty, transparency and self disclosure. Typically negotiation looks like forming a budget and determining a safe, sane way to play that mutually benefits both of us.

But what does the sub get out of it?

Of course, many of you wonder what is the point? Well, the point is that you are serving me in the most useful way possible, with money. Money is something that can change my life, bring me opportunities I didn't have before. It allows me to pamper myself and enjoy life to the fullest extent. The sub gets the pleasure of giving over that freedom, that power, that control. To know you are truly contributing to my life in a very real way.

How can you start? The best way to start is with a tribute and contacting me. Sending a tribute first shows that you are serious about this arrangement. This can be done via one of the methods under the tribute section of my website or on my findom exclusive website http://DENVERFINDOM.COM .

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