• Mistress Nicci

Why Aftercare Matters

While aftercare may be foreign to some subs and may be everything to another. It is what happens when the scene of play comes to an end and we must shift back in to the world. Some BDSM play, whether extreme or not can stir up emotions, effect the physical body and even get us to a state of euphoria. This head space is wonder and beautiful, however, it is not the safest head space to stay in.

Aftercare helps to bring our adrenaline and endorphins back down to a normal level after a great scene. If emotions are high or no where to be found at all, it can be nice to sit in a warm blanket, sipping chamomile tea and having your back rubbed. I turn on my after care playlist which is comprised of relaxing instrumental songs. Winding down I play with all of your senses, sight, taste, smell, and touch.

Aftercare looks a lot like self care except someone else is doing all the work for you, your dominant. These moments together in after care help bring us to a grounded place, by being nurturing after being cruel I find myself balanced, you being the center of attention, gets to chill, not worrying about a thing.

Interested in extended aftercare? Book it as an add on by checking it on your session application or asking for it prior to our booking. This adds an additional 15 minutes of after care on past our session time so you can step in to a place between two worlds and find comfort.

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