I expect all clients to be respectful and to only inquire about a session when they are prepared to book.  It is highly recommended to educate yourself with all of the information on my site.  I have the right to refuse anyone for any reason, an inquiry is not a guarantee.  Rules and expected behavior are listed below in the 'Terms and Conditions' section. 

All real- time sessions require screening. Expect to pay a deposit $100 in order to book a session. Please graciously present the remaining donation at the beginning of our session in an unsealed envelope. Session inquiries for last minute bookings (less than 48 hours) are subject to an additional fee.  I only accept cash and bitcoin for sessions. No exceptions.


At My 1500 sqft private dungeon in North West Denver area. 15 minutes from downtown, 20 miles from the airport and 20 minutes from Boulder. Public transit available via light rail, bus and bike. Available 5 Days a week 9 am - Midnight in advance. Same day possible if available on Wednesday-Saturday 10 am - 10 pm. 

$400 for 1 hour

$550 for 1.5 hours

$700 for 2 hours

$900 for 3 hours

$1200 for 4 hours

4+ hours: Inquiry when applying

Full Human Toilet: $500

+ Extended After-care: 15 min/$50


Do you have questions you can't share you anyone else? I am here to answer them and to meet with you for an interesting fun outing. 

$200 for 1 hour

$300 for 2 hours

$400 for 3 hours


Interested in public play? Let's explore Denver with a shock collar, chastity or remote play toy or be treated like a slave in public. Kissing my feet, kneeling, being a human ATM, or whatever brings a naughty sense to normal activities.

$400 for 1 hour

$800 for 2 hours


6 hours, first two spent out on the town at dinner, party or event of your arrangement followed by a 4 hour dungeon session. This is a good option for a kinky GFE experience



12 hours. Includes overnight stay in hotel of your booking or at My private dungeon. Please note that this includes 6 hours of rest. Experience lifestyle service or extended exploration of fantasies.



I love playing and using a slave with another dom. When in Denver I offer doubles with the ladies of THE GODDESS CULT  and often host travelling doms available for doubles. 

Rates vary per dom booked for a double. 



My private dungeon is well equipped for many types of play. Completely discreet, hidden from the public, in the Berkeley area of Denver. There is public transportation in walking distance, uber and lyft service, as well as free private parking. 

- Venus 2000 Machine 

- Latex vac bed

- Suspension Cage

- Dog Cage

- Single Tails

- Floggers

- Spanking Bench

- Wheel Chair Accessible

- Gynecologic Table

- Bondage Rope

- Stockade 

- Velvet Chairs

- Bondage Table

- Standing Cage

- Shower Facilities

- Private Parking

- CBT Chair

- CBT Stand

- S Chair

-Mummy Wrap

- Versa Fuk Machine

- Sissy Wardrobe

- Wigs

- Large Size High Heels

- Violet Wand

- Bed + Frame

- Toilet Chair

- EuroTek Electro

- Pillory 

- Diapers

- Leather Swing

- Vampire Gloves

- One Use Needles

- Canes

- Leather Restraints

- WiFi

- Tens Unit

- Sybian

- Humbler

- Leather Sac



  • I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for anyone who is disrespectful or time-wasting. This will result in a block.

  • I do not offer switch/submissive scenes or extra services of any kind, so not ask.

  • Safe, sane and consensual play only.

  • No touching or unwanted contact. If you touch Me without My consent the session will be terminated and you will be escorted out without a refund.

  • Be clean, showered and have nice breath. I have a shower in My play space and you are more than welcome to use it. Bad body odor will result in a shower request on your paid time. 

  • Respect, privacy and discretion are most important. 

  • I expect you to arrive on time, no earlier and no later. 

  • No rude, lewd, or flakes. This will result in being black listed.

  • 50% deposit required for any extended sessions and travel. 

  • Do not contact for a session unless you are ready to book.

  • I do not offer sex or illegal sexual services. Do not even ask.

  • I expect subs to be respectful and cordial when booking, I do not tolerate disrespectful behavior. 

  • Communicate clearly and concisely

  • Please be discreet and tactful when discussing services via email or phone.

  • No illegal drug use or intoxication. If I suspect you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs you will be escorted out without a refund.

  • The deposit is non-refundable. You must schedule with in 30 days of payment or risk loss of deposit. Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice is a forfeiture of your deposit. No exceptions.

  • I give privacy and discretion and expect the same in return. 




One of my specialties is working with couples interested in fostering deeper intimacy and communication in to their sexual relationship. Whether you are interested in learning about power exchange, exploring fetishes, desiring to explore kink together.. this is a beautiful joy in working together with a coach or professional to help facilitate an optimal exploration. 

Watch your sex life come alive with erotic imagination and expression where deepening intimacy erodes shame, sparks and fantasy become reality with your lover.  I am an alternative sex coach and I love teaching and learning from couples in a private environment. Read more..



Interested in being physically dominated by a woman with mixed wrestling? I offer private sessions in my dungeon that has 10 x 10 ft wrestling mats to play on. I love getting physical in wrestling sessions with the following service available. 

Foot Worship




Fantasy Wrestling

Semi-Comp Wrestling


Choke Holds 

Breath Play

Belly Punching

Fantasy Boxing

Feats of Strength

Shit Talking


Super Heroine

Bondage Wrestling

Tag Team


[ See rates and booking info above ]


Q: Who do you accept as clients? 

A: I am an all inclusive provider, I accept people from the age of 18+, every race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Q: Can I be in clips?

A: Absolutely, I love including slaves in to my clips. Just ask when you book a session and I will prepare for clip filming during our time together. You will get all footage as a perk. 

Q: How does the deposit work?

A: The deposit is a portion of you session fee paid remotely prior to meeting, one reschedule is allowed within 30 days of the deposit being paid. The deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel within less than 24 hours your deposit is forfeited. 

Q: Is my information safe?

A: Privacy and discretion is very important to me. As long as you are safe, sane and respect My rules you will remain completely anonymous. 

Q: How do you screen clients?

A: I require a professional reference, a professional reference is an escort, call girl, dominatrix, or other professional provider who has a legitimate web presence. I also accept deposits as a form of screening. 

Q: Will you travel to my city?

A: I rarely travel and if I do it is posted on my social media and my website. If you would like to fly me to you fill out my contact form. I require all air fare, lodging and session fees to be paid for all travel arrangements. 

Q: Do you give discounts?

A: The only discount I give is for clients I see regularly. I do NOT give discounts for students, veterans, or anyone for any reason. Rates are solid as stated above. 

Q: What happens if I have to cancel last minute?

A: If you cancel with less than 3 hours notice you will be required to pay 50% of your session fee to stay in good standing. If you cancel within at least 24 hours you may be allowed to reschedule once with no penalty.

Q: Can I pay for my session with credit?

A: Only the deposit may be made with credit cards otherwise all session payments are made at the time of meeting in cash or bitcoin. 

Q: Do you offer consultations? 

A: I suggest booking a coffee/lunch/dinner session for a consultation, this is a good way to get to know me and to ask any questions or to plan a session. 

Q: How far ahead of time should I book?

A: Book as far ahead of time as possible. I am rarely available for same day bookings and that usually includes an additional fee. The more planning and prep time I have, the better the session. 

Q: Can we talk on the phone prior to our session to discuss details?

A: Absolutely, if you are screened and have paid your deposit I allow for a brief call. I do NOT however allow phone calls with people who have not yet paid a deposit. If you would like to call prior to the deposit you may arrange a call on Niteflirt.

Q: Where is your dungeon located?

A: My dungeon is located in the Berkeley area of Denver, I do not share the exact location until after screening. 

Q: Will you session in the nude? 

A: No. I do not session nude. You can expect me in sexy lingerie, leather or latex for our session unless other outfits are specified. I love wearing my work out clothes for play as well!


Q: Do you every act as a submissive in session?

A: Absolutely not. I do not bottom or submit in session. I am a natural dom and I am not interested in playing a sub role.  

Q: What happens if I arrive late?

A: It is at my discretion that I grant you extra session time beyond your scheduled time, however you are only guaranteed the time you scheduled. It is best to inform me immediately if you expect to arrive late.